My blog is a bit of a sandbox where I play around with concepts and theories and take new ideas out for a test drive. I typically gravitate toward musings on theology, philosophy, apologetics, and worldviews. But I also touch on other topics as I feel inspired, including music, poetry and (to a decreasing degree) politics. As for me, I’m a bit of a paradox. A rule-following contrarian, an artistic logician, a peace-loving firearms enthusiast, a book-loving rock guitarist.

I hail from the Nashville, TN area (by way of Minneapolis, MN) where I live with my wife of 27 years. I have two spectacular daughters. I am an American by birth and a “mutt” by race.  (Seriously.  You should see the results of my DNA test.)  I fancy myself a bit of a philosopher, writer, artist, designer, musician, theologian, and Christian apologist.

I’ve played lead guitar with a classic rock singer or two you may have heard of. I also compose and arrange orchestral music and perform with the Nashville Praise Symphony.  I’m currently working on a couple of books (who isn’t?) and I play now and again in an original band with my wife. I’m also a member of the worship band at my home church and am very involved in an incredible ministry called Celebrate Recovery where I am part of the worship band and in regular rotation as a teacher.

I would love to hear from you.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and Love your neighbor as yourself.” —from Luke 10:27

R. L. Solberg